Design: The passing of time materialized in stone

(March 2012) Italian architect develops sundials suitable for public places and private gardens


(March 2012) Recyslurry is the name of a European project

Architecture: Ideas for walls, facades and floors (4)

(March 2012) Building in natural stone: contrasts in a cultural centre in Spain, broaching the history of architecture in German, and full circle back to an inconspicuous façade in Spain

Design: Newsprint in stone

(March 2012) Italian company develops a laser etching method for stone surfaces

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Premium level in processing and in natural stones

(March 2012) JUMA, German specialist for Jura-marble, places high value on quality for ambitious projects and private orders alike

Markets: „Granit Breton“ like champagne from Champagne

(March 2012) Companies from Brittany are striving for the designation Protected Geographical Stratus

Stone Stories: WorldSkills without stonemasons?

(March 2012) Call for participants for the coming competition 2013 in Leipzig in Germany

Art: Play on stone

(March 2012) Many of sculptor Ulf Eggert’s works are chock full of humour and vitality


(March 2012) Export increase by +4.1% value was the result at the end of QIII/2011 for the Italian stone industry

Architecture: Cooking in a noble ambiance

(February 2012) Design examples of high end kitchens in natural stone from Germany and Spain: Bohus Grey, Macael Marmol, Warwick Satén

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