Architecture: Cooking in noble ambiance

(April 2012) Unusual cooking ideas were submitted at the Austrian Stone Masons’ competition. One such exocentric idea was a 10 cm-thick counter-top

Markets: ‚Green’ production is the main topic

(April 2012) Interview with Zou Chuansheng, President of the China Stone Material Association

New markets for the natural stone industry: product design (2)

(April 2012) Shanghai’s STONETECH trade fair (April 25th – 28th 2012) will analyze the future markets for household objects made of natural stone

Design: Material und function to the foreground

(April 2012) German-based Draenert Company introduces a minimalist side table

Art: Darkness of the soul peering out of slate

(April 2012) Spanish artist Pancho Castelo expresses dark moods in dark stone relief


(April 2012) Million-$-donation for the restoration of the Washington Monument

Architecture: Stone walls – the new savings bank

(April 2012) Massive construction in natural stone is an idea at home in France: stone used in the building-block-style construction could be reclaimed to build a new home at a later date

Trade fairs: China’s stone industry going its own way

(April 2012) Porcelain stone and local design products were the trend at the Xiamen Trade Fair. The new exhibition hall is taking on shape

Design: Brazil’s modernism in wall and flooring tiles

(April 2012) Mosarte introduces a tile collection named after 20th century buildings particularly mainly from Brasília and Rio

Markets: Spanish know-how for Tashkent

(April 2012) Marble Ortega Stone and the Andalusia School of Marble are providing aid in setting up a modern stone industry in Uzbekistan

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