Architecture: Bathing in a noble ambiance

(May 2012) Natural stone for the bathroom: Examples from Germany, Italy und Spain

Design: Stitching in marble-mosaic

(May 2012) Tiles in combination with stone, metal and mother-of-pearl by China-based Heda Marble & Mosaics Company

Architecture: monumental and luxurious material

(May 2012) The new congress hall in Tashkent is purportedly Uzbekistan’s most modern

Architecture: Recycling of material as a central idea

(May 2012) The winner of the Pritzker Award, Wang Shu, was lauded for his concept of the city of the future


(May 2012) Patgeomine 2012 is an international geological and mining inheritance congress

Architecture: Bringing the canyon to the hotel

(May 2012) A Las Vegas luxury spa reconstructed a gorge in natural stone. But that’s not all: the spa also contains a Turkish bath, albeit in quartzite, not in marble

Design: „Boiseries“ (wood inlays) in stone

(May 2012) Italian company livens up wall cladding in natural stone

Markets: going from strength to strength in turbulent times

(Mai 2012) In 2011, Italy’s stone industry reached a plus mainly in exporty of finished products / India most important supplier

Art: Tradition and delight as an end in itself

(May 2012) The two artists making up Escultura-Opaso work according to commission and delight in unusual ideas


(May 2012) Master courses in Architecture and Contemporary Building Design with Stone

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