Stone Stories

Umberto Eco died: in his works, a river of stones and the awesome cemetery in ancient Prague

The italian writer and scientist brought together rational thinking and history with mythology and creative thinking

Ancient Inca road system granted title of World Heritage

Stony paths running over 30,000 km through mountains and rainforests from today’s Colombia to Argentina

Winter Olympics 2014: the home of the Curling granite is still for sale

Island Ailsa Craig 10 miles off Scotland’s coast contains the most important blue hone granite quarry / Curling is an Olympic sport

Stone stories: dimensions in stone beyond imagination

(March 2013) The new pope met the power of 2000 years of faith and history when appearing at the balcony of St. Peter’s

Stone stories: „arrival of the modern mind“

(March 2013) The British Museum shows the modernity in art pieces from the last Ice Age some 10.000 years ago